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Flexible Couplings, Bushings, Tap-N-Tee Saddle Lateral connections & Core drills

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Watertight Seals

Joints Couplings manufactures environmentally-safe, energy efficient custom couplings and sewer fittings. Our couplings connect, repair, adapt, reduce or cap almost any type of pipe used for sewer, drain, waste and vent applications. Our design and build capabilities provide quick, easy field solutions for large (up to 12 feet) and small (down to 4 inch) diameter pipe connections including emergency repair fittings that ship within 24 hours.

Our patented Calder Coupling, Tap-N-Tee saddle connection and portable coring machine provide strong, flexible watertight seals for most clay, concrete and masonry drilling applications.


Years Of Experience

Mission Statement

- To be an innovative manufacturer of quality, environmentally sound, cost effective products.

- To strive for excellence in our relationships with our customers, vendors and employees.

- To deliver uncompromising personalized service.

- To continue to be renowned in the industry of sewer fittings and sewer repair work.

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Area Of Excelence

Our Products

Flexible Couplings and Strong Machinery for
Drainage, Waste Water, Sewerage, Chemical, Transportation and Mining

calder Repair Couplings: Transition and Calder Slip

Range of devices linking pipes with multiple mechanical options.

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Calder Style Couplings

Calder unshielded sewer and pipe couplings

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Calder Style Bushings

Bushings are available as a separate insert (removable filler ring) that fits into a coupling for transition between dissimilar sized pipes

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Custom Diameter Couplings

Repair large diameter pipe systems. Unique couplings for not listed sized or shaped pipes.

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Tap-N-Tee Saddle

The Tap-N-Tee flexible lateral connection accommodates ground movement and has a shear band to prevent off set joints.

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Coring Machine

Discover an easy to operate portable coring machine that is ideal for clay, concrete and masonry drilling applications.

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Why Choose Us

Few Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

Our dedication reaches further than compliance with the law to encompass the integration of sound environmental practices into our made in America products.

70+ Years Experience

Our couplings connect, repair, adapt, reduce or cap almost any type of pipe used for sewer, drain, waste and vent applications for more then 70 years.

Environmental Commitment

At Joints, we believe ethical business practices are the only business practices, synergizing low cost with the highest standards of environmental compliance and sustainability.

Industry Standards

We adhere strictly to the ASTM, 425, 564, 1173, 923, Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction (SSPWC), UPC, Small Business Enterprise (SBE), and Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).

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