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Tap-N-Tee Saddle
Compression Saddle: lateral to sidewall
Calder Repair CRC Nut and Bolt

Adjustable Shield on outside of coupling with nut and bolt tightening devices

Calder Couplings
Unshielded Sewer Couplings
Custom Couplings and Large Diameter
Particular Sized Couplings Built to Order
Non-Circular Couplings
Custom couplings not following circular pipe patterns. More shapes than shown in above pictures available.
Calder Style Couplings
Unshielded Sewer Coupling- Calder Standard
Joints Standards "Calder Style"
Shielded Sewer Couplings
Type "D" Coupling
City of Los Angeles Standard. Internal plastic shear ring sewer pipe coupling.
Reducing Bushings, Joints Standard
Calder Bushing/ Filler Ring
Joints Standard Calder Coupling
Calder Style Unshielded Sewer Couplings
Coring Machines
Cut holes in pipe Walls
Long Series Bushings
Extra long bushings
Calder Repair Coupling Corrugated
Corrugated Pipe Couplings size on size and transition. Shielded
Calder Corrugated Transition Seal
Corrugated Pipe Unshielded Couplings
Extra Large Diameter
Large Diameter Couplings for pipes over 75 inches (1900 mm)
Rapid Tee
Fast connections onto cored holes for pipes and chambers
Core Bits
Cut specific sized holes
Type "Z" Coupling
City of Los Angeles Standard. Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction
Joints Standard Calder Style Bushings
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Non Standard Connection
Connect lateral pipe to non-circular systems.

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Calder Repair Couplings
Traditional worm gear tightening bands