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Calder Coupling Slip
Type D Internal Shear band
C-109_ G
Calder Couplings Joints Standard

The original Calder style coupling is manufactured with a special, thick rubber center stop for increased performance.
- Available with removable filler rings or build in fuller rings
- Sizes from 3 inch (75 mm) to 12 inch (300 mm)

- Connects clay, plastic, cast iron, ductile iron, asbestos cement, or any other type of pipe.
- Adaptable to Western Style Clay Pipe and Eastern Style Clay Pipe.
- ASTM C 1173 and ASTM C 425
- Worm gear and nut & bolt tightening devices available (300 and 316 series stainless steel).
- Accepts Calder Style Bushings.
- Precision molded center stop.
- Provides accurate alignment and vibration dampening.

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