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Calder Standard Bushings/ filler Rings

Bushings are available as a separate insert (removable filler ring) that fits into a coupling for transitions between dissimilar sized pipes.

- Creates a strong, lasting joint connection.
- Largest selection available for direct order from Joints. Smaller bushings are carried in stock. Large diameter and custom sized bushings are made to order.
- Conforms to ASTM C 425 and ASTM C 1173.
Bushings/ Filler rings transition between any pipe and size with dissimilar outside diameters.
- Bushings for: clay, plastic, thinwall plastic, iron pipe sizes, asbestos cement, ductile iron, orangeburg, concrete, and other pipe materials.
- Three Styles: 1) Standard 2) Internal Edge 3) Long Series
- Available for pipes different types of pipes in eastern and western halfs of United States of America

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