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Discover an easy to operate portable coring machine that is ideal for clay, concrete and masonry drilling applications. Our drilling machine is favored for its dependability and performance, and is used for municipal sanitary collection systems, storm water and drainage systems applications.

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Easy mount design allows for quick set up and detachment of core drill without anchors.

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Steel construction, and coated with unique high-stress paint that will endure the most severe working conditions. Excellent drill for repetitive coring tasks.

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Ideal for on-site drilling of openings for use with our Tap-N-Tee, Pipe-to-Pipe Connectors for quick, cost effective, watertight bonds.

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Wide variety of core bit options and accessories are available to meet your particular needs. Contact us today to discuss the best systems for you.

Core-N-Tap Specifications and Dimensions

Hole Diameter Range   Up to 9 Inches 
Electrical Requirements   110 V 
Water Service   3 Gallon Tank or 3/8 Water Line
Maximum Width   16 Inches 
Maximum Length 16 Inches
Maximum Height   34 Inches
Weight   63 Pounds 
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