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Each distinct component of the non-circular coupling preserves the system. Recommend repair couplings with added shear bands to create a vertebrae that stabilizes pipe while not eliminating flexibility. 

Custom Non-Circular Calder Repair Couplings

Repair, replace, and rehabilitate any size or shape gravity pipe

Widths: 6.5", 11", and 20"

Steel: 304, 316, and other available.

Clamps: Nut & Bolt, T-Bolt, Worm Gear

Rubber: EPDM, SBR, and Other

Custom Chemical Couplings. Non-Standard Rubber, FMK, and Teflon
Developed for unique environments where standard rubbers will not perform.
High Performance: Steel, Clamps, and Materials, and Design.
Manufacturing and Shipping

Lead Time: 24-48 Hours
Orders Received before 10:00 AM Ship out same day.

Shape of Coupling may require Joints personal to physically visit site or inspect pipe using smartphone.

Non-Circular Couplings are custom and cannot be returned. Allways check pipe outside diameters, system dimensions, and other pipe contours, before ordering any custom pipe products!

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Ships in 24-48 Hours

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Many Shapes and Sizes

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Code Compliant

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Price Variation

Not all pipes and underground systems are circular.  Joints is a leader in the development and manufacturing of non-circular flexible pipe connections for the most diverse shaped pipe networks. Couplings have been created for storm, sewer, wastewater, chemical, and other pipe networks.

Joints responds to the many reasons for non-circular pipe networks by developing couplings as varied and diverse as pipe shapes.  A non-circular coupling is the contact point of two pipes with outside diameters (O.D.)  that are not in standard circles.  Custom coupling are manufactured from designated pipe size, shapes, materials, and dimensions.   The maximum difference between two non-circular pipes is different than standard circular couplings.  Pressure magnitudes of couplings are designed for gravity flow in multi-shaped liquid pipe networks, including high and low flow periods.  A one-dimensional steady flow will continue without interruption when coupling is used on multiple pipe categories.

Past Couplings Shapes Include: 

Horizonatal Elliptical
Vertical Elliptical

Parabolic/ Triangle

Horse Shoe
Environmental Egg
Progressive Contour
Unique Cross Section
Various Circumference
Intermittent Profile

Is pipe shape or material not shown online? Contact Joints to discuss shape, connection issue, pipe materials, or circumstances. Direct email or call (626)-448-2100.

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