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Rapid Tee

Distribution Chamber Row

1. Main Header Row (MHR) Contact Point.  Water between Main Header Row (MHR) passes between Distribution Chamber Rows without interruption.  Working as a link for chambers’ incoming stormwater runoff.
2. Equalization Pipe Efficient Connection.  Hookup equalization pipe anywhere in Distribution Rows based on flow rates.
3. Strength, Storage, and Flexibility. Bury anywhere at depths of 50 feet without equalization pipes moving.  Seal double stacked rows in small areas. Strength of connection allows direct chamber to equalization pipe links on front, side, top, or any contact point.
4. Waterflow between chambers seamlessly leaching back into soil to naturally recharge aquifers.

Sewer and Storm Pipe Link

1. Positive watertight seal eliminating sources of excessive infiltration.  
2. Eliminates a leaky joint and material loss affecting structural integrity of system.
3. Allow pipe or chamber to shift or move with any minor changes in earth conditions without damaging contact point.
4. Provides a measure of forgiveness during installation and for the life of system.
5. Two components: Rubber Gasket and Tightening Band Clamp.
6. Resist pollution from entering jointed system.

Available for Schedule 35, Corrugated HDPE, Dual Wall, and other pipes.

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