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1. Withstands Compression and Tension: Unlike other manufactures’ thermoplastic couplings, we combine synthetic rubbers which allow for increased flexibility and distortion without altering essential physical or chemical resistance.
2. Flexible: Sewer couplings connect pipes of different sizes and materials from 1.5 inch to 96 inches (38 mm to 2438 mm).
3. Resists Corrosion: Rust-proof stainless steel clamping bands

4. Durable and Impervious: Leak proof, root- proof, and resistant to ultraviolet rays, fungus growth, chemicals, and normal sewer gasses. Ideal for corrosive fluid transfer. Withstand ph changes.
5. Tight Fitting: Stainless steel (300 and 316 series) worm drive clamping bands hold pipe ends securely in place.
6.Large Selection: Joints maintains the largest selection of unshielded flexible rubber couplings.

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